Brandon Cooper

Chief Executive Officer

​Brandon has over 15 years of experience in Information Technology, graphic design, and over 6 years of chat support. Speciality in machine learning, and blockchain technology. Cooper has been featured on Steve, NBC, MTV, FOX, and more.

Sean Ross

Chief Technology Officer

​Sean has experience in 8 different programming languages. He is an experienced programmer, writing both desktop and web applications full stack. Over 5 years of technical and chat support experience.

Alexandra Stone

Chief Growth Officer

With 3 years of b2b and b2c growth marketing experience, Alexandra knows how to build and grow brands utilizing digital and social channels. Her experience working in IT and IaaS/SaaS has allowed her to understand the ever-transforming landscape of technology and its impact on both businesses and consumers.

Shri Ramani

Chief Financial Officer

Graduated from Michigan State University (MS'08, BA'06). Previously worked at a New York based sports analytics startup Krossover which was acquired.

Chris Carter

Chief Operating Officer

Degree in Architecture at Georgia Tech. He has 12+ yrs experience in project management and design.

Traci Nordberg

Chief Human Resources Officer

Human Resources leader with 20 years experience. Enthusiastically builds HR structures for small to large companies and “makes work work” for people’s individual passions. Background in healthcare and education settings, specializing in talent and culture.

Francesca Schultz

General Counsel

Experienced in-house counsel and IT attorney with 10 years of experience advising businesses, providing risk mitigation strategies and contract negotiation.

Marcus Banks

Sales Manager

Marcus is the sales manager at Aphid. He brings 4 years of experience to the sales department. Marcus hold a MFA in Creative Writing and BA in Communications. He was a key asset at his current company in helping generate $1 Billion in pipeline opportunities.

Gale Henderson

Public Relations Manager

From organizational communication to computer programming, Henderson eloquently executes engagements through which clients and consumers experience a brand. Specializing in strategic communications, media relations, event planning, branding and content development for both traditional and social media, Henderson has served a myriad of organizations ranging from large global brands to small start-up companies—all penetrating various industries.

Christopher Demos

Mobile Developer

Christopher has a Bachelor's Degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of San Diego. While in school, he worked as a lab assistant in Digital Design and Embedded Systems Design. In cooperation with Clarity Design Inc, he designed the software for a portable non-invasive tonometer. After college he worked as an Electrical Engineer for Cubic Global Defense for three years, designing software to control and test RF hardware. 

Argishti Ghadimi

Head of Design

Argishti has 7 years of experience in visual communications and 2 years of experience in UX/UI design. He earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Art from California State University Northridge.

Lucie Colomb

Vice President of Brand Strategy & Community Management

Lucie is a vision-driven change agent with a career-long record of marketing, consulting, investor relations, and operations management success for leading organizations.

David Selioutsky

Senior Mobile Developer

David has 8+ years of experience in mobile app development including iOS&Android&React Native development.

Timothy Sullivan

Data Analyst

Timothy has 4+ years of experience across Finance & Analytics functions analyzing complex datasets, formalizing actionable insights & driving strategy.


Monette Stephens


Monette Stephens launches products and companies globally providing marketing, strategy, audits and diligence for ICO/ITO's, M&A, Private Placement. She enjoys providing positioning, market analysis and sizing, growth strategies, product marketing, product launch, event content and coordination, funding and transaction preparation, customer acquisition and partnership development.

Linda Goetze


President and Chief Executive Officer of the Blockchain Chamber of Commerce and Secretary of the Blockchain Association, Linda has focused her six years of experience in Bitcoin and the underlying Blockchain Technology to facilitate mass adoption. Masters of Education from Piedmont College.










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